Fun and fitness features in Student Accommodation
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Gone are the days when accommodations meant for students were just places to stay. Today, they provide a lot of fun to students and also care about fitness and many other requirements of students. However, which amenities students find in an accommodation complex – vary from complex to complex.

Here, you will read about some fun and fitness features that students may find in the accommodation complexes abroad.

Gym or Fitness Center

There are gyms or fitness centers available in many accommodation complexes for students today. Most of these gyms/fitness centers are fully equipped with modern machines for workouts. So, if you decide to live in any such complex where you find an in-house gym, you can save a lot of your time by visiting outside to find a place to do Workouts.

Yoga Room

Another facility that you can find in the accommodation complexes today is the Yoga Room. Here, students can comfortably perform yogic postures, breathing exercises, and Meditation.

Yogic postures are good for physical fitness but they have some good impact on mental health also. Breathing exercises work on both mind and body however which type of exercise you choose – it very much depends on it. Meditation is considered good for mental health.

Therefore, this facility in student accommodation complexes deals with both physical and mental health.

Games Room

The games room provides fun to students with indoor games. These rooms are especially famous for their table games. Pool, billiards, table tennis, and foosball are the games that may be found in the games rooms. Many game rooms also comprise video gaming consoles for playing video games.

Fun features for students in their accommodation

But, it is not necessary that you find all these games in all the games rooms. The games room of your student complex may have one or two of these games or it may have both of them.


In the present scenario, you find cinemas in many accommodation complexes. So, you can enjoy watching movies while staying in your complex. Without going outside, you can have full enjoyment.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool is a fun feature but we can count it among the fitness features also. It is because swimming has many health benefits also. It tones muscles, builds strength & endurance increases your heart rate without giving any stress to your body, and provides you with many other benefits.

Besides, the fun you get from a swimming pool is amazing. You can enjoy swimming, playing with water, and playing ball with friends inside the pool. In addition, sitting on the deck has its own fun.

Many of the student properties today have swimming pools that you can visit and have a lot of fun.

Sports Courts

Sports are undisputedly counted under both fun and fitness features. You can stay fit while having regular fun. Some of the accommodation complexes also provide you the sports courts in their open area where you can play friendly matches with your co-residents.


Volleyball courts and basketball courts are the most common sports courts in the accommodation complexes. Tennis courts are also found in some of the complexes.

Common Area

Fun with friends is one of the most enjoyable things without any doubt. You can make new friends in the student properties. Apart from your roommates or housemates (if you are living in shared accommodation), you can make many new friends in the accommodation complex.

Every accommodation complex has a common area. This is the area where students can assemble and can befriend each other. You can make a complete friend circle in your accommodation complex and can have a lot of fun with them.


There are special clubhouses in many accommodation complexes where students can meet each other and have fun with each other. A clubhouse provides a unique way to make new friends and get the full fun.

Social and Communal Events

From time to time, social and communal events are organized in many accommodation complexes. These events are not only sources of entertainment but also help students in becoming friends.


Television is a great source of entertainment without any doubt. You can find a television inside rooms, apartments, and studios of the accommodation complexes.

Internet Connection

An internet connection solves different purposes such as studies, shopping, fun, etc. You can have fun by using it for entertainment. You can watch entertainment videos and movies on different video-hosting websites. Similarly, you can listen to music and enjoy many other entertainment programs.

If your accommodation has a smart TV, then you need the internet for watching OTT platforms also. In most of the accommodation complexes, you find broadband or Wi-Fi Internet connections.

To Sum Up

In your accommodation complex, you find complete arrangements for fun and fitness without any doubt.

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