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Making friends at the university makes even extroverts worry. Forming those tentative first university friends can go hand-in-hand with your studies, while other companionships can be formed in the most unlikely of situations. While each student’s experience is different, the tips on making friends at the university looking at an eclectic blend of ways that are sure to help you establish friendships to see you across those late-night library sessions, 3 am Maggi party, or the highs and lows of the student life. So, here are some of the best tips to make friends at the university and student accommodation sydney:

Be friendly as well as approachable

If you want to make friends in the new place, then it is best to be friendly. Mastering the first few days in the university is the best time when you can make new friends. Be it educationally or personally, at the very start of the session, you can have an approachable attitude. Try and smile and be friendly and happy- it is a scientifically proven way to make you more likable and it will also encourage others to smile back at you.

Do your homework in the public area

Everyone loves to study in their own room, but you are not likely to meet anyone that way. If you do end up sagging out in your room, try keeping your door open to inspire others to stop by. When possible, move your books down to your residence hall’s common room. Whenever you are completing your assignments, you can grab a table in the library, or find a place in the student union. All of such areas are more visible and will provide you with a chance to chat with others and let other students approach you.

Campus organizations

Campus organizations are the best place to make groups. This is simply because there are so many of them to follow. Whether it is an intramural sport, a social cause, a recreational activity, and a career aspiration, there is probably a club for it. These clubs have all the benefits of campus events with the added bonus which they meet regularly. This provides you with a chance to have repeated interactions with the same people, which is important for forming friendships. It is important that you pick your campus organizations carefully. It is fun to try out a bunch of different clubs at the beginning of the semester.

Help your flatmates move in

To make friends during the fresher’s week, it is essential to make an effort with your flatmates at student accommodation Sydney straight away. When you first meet them, it is important to feel a bit difficult to know where to start. But offering to help them move their stuff alleviates some of the awkward small talk. Having some practical experience is important which will help you both feel more relaxed. In addition to it, in the process of moving their stuff, you can easily spot a poster, book, album, or something else that reveals an interest that you share.

Consider a campus job

With the help of campus, the job can help you earn some extra money while also getting to know different people on campus. Talk to your international student advisor about campus jobs which will boost your resume and your social relationships.

Resist the urge to always have your headphones

If you want to make friends, then resist wearing your headphones all the time. While this can be a lifesaver at times, it can also stop people from starting a conversation or just passing a comment your way. Keeping yourself as receptive to making friends at the university as possible will help you in the later stages.

Be sociable with your flatmates

Keep your door open so people know you are home and you can come and also chat in the room. You can also sit in the common areas to get to know the people you are living with. Even if they do not become your core friendship group, it will make living together hassle-free. You can offer them a cup of tea or suggest having a flat night in making dinner together, this will also help you save money.

Join online groups

For those who are introverts, it can be a little overwhelming to attend social events. Therefore, it might be meaningful to explore more low-impact possibilities. Before you get to the campus, you can easily reach out to your fellow students online. After registration, many universities start Facebook groups or Twitter handles. You can connect with other students over here. You can join a few online groups and find your people. That way when you arrive on the campus, you are sure to find a few faces to help ease the transition.

Organize a study group

Long hours in the library can easily get lonely, so why not rally some of the best coursemates together to make a study group? You can talk to your friends in the lectures or seminars to see who would like to join in, then you can set the time as well as place. Not only is it sociable, but you are bound to get some amazing tips for your essays and referencing too.

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