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Surrey is a city located in British Columbia in Canada. Like many other cities in Canada, it also has some good arrangements for students. Students from different countries get an education in Surrey. The major institutes for higher education in Surrey are the University of British Columbia and Simon Fraser University.

If you are also thinking to get enrolled in an institution in Surrey or have already been enrolled, then this article is worth reading for you. Here, you will know about international student life and why you should choose this city for your post-secondary education.

Campus Life

Students find an amazing campus life in Surrey. They can study and live on the campus where they find a great way to meet new people and make new friends. Good student experiences can be enjoyed on the campuses of universities and other institutes in Surrey.

Students can get involved in sports and art & culture on the campuses. There are numerous societies and sports clubs on campuses that they can join.

Moreover, some campuses are located at fantastic locations where you can find various places to eat and drink. Besides, there are several clubs and bars, theatres, galleries, performance spaces, cinemas, music venues, arrangements, and a lot more.

Student Accommodation

There are also some excellent places for student accommodation available in Surrey. Some students decide to live in the on-campus accommodations. The others can live in private accommodations built by private developers.

The properties meant for student accommodation Surrey comprise a wide range of facilities. These accommodation properties have arrangements as per the needs of the present-day students.

You can find two types of apartments here, which are the apartments in purpose-built student properties and private rental apartments. Students find the option to choose between the two.

World-Class Education

A world-class education is also a reason why it is perfect for students to choose Surrey as a place to get enrolled. The universities in Surrey have career-oriented courses, which students can join. Besides, universities have a practical approach to teaching students. There are knowledgeable professors, who care about the student’s overall development.


Students also find good arrangements for their placement in Surrey. Some institutes also offer on-campus placements. According to some online sources, over 85% of students get on-campus placements. Besides, students can get part-time jobs by applying off-campus also.

The jobs in Surrey provide international exposure to students. The experiences they get here prove to be useful for them in their future career.

Fun and Sightseeing the City

Students get excellent places for fun and sightseeing in Surrey. Some of the fun that you can do here can be read below.

Visit a Beach

This is a perfect thing to do in the summer season. However, you can walk along the ocean throughout the year. Crescent Beach in South Surrey is one of the ideal beaches to visit. 

In history, this beach was home to summer camps for aboriginals. This is the beach that people are visiting for hundreds of years.

Play Golf

If you are a golf lover then Surrey is one of the perfect places for you to stay. There are several golf courses in Surrey. Some of these golf courses have hosted PGA tournaments. This city comprises eight full courses and two exclusive courses. Moreover, there are a number of driving ranges here.

Northview Golf & Country Club is one of the most popular golf courses here, which has been designed by Arnold Palmer. This golf course is followed closely by Morgan Creek Golf Course. The other well-known golf courses in this city are Guildford Golf & Country Club and the Peace Portal Golf Course.

If you are not a golf lover then also, you should visit these golf courses at least once, which will provide you with a lot of fun.

Visit Historic Stewart Farm

Historic Stewart Farm is a picturesque place, which takes you back to the past. This tells you the story of how a pioneer family lived from 1880 to 1944. It is surrounded by gardens and farmland, which is why it is truly picturesque. Victorian farmhouse where you can get the perfect glimpse of the Victorian Era.

Ride a Ferry

You can get a free ferry ride of five minutes in Surrey. You can get Barnston Island Ferry, which is a small ferry. It runs across the Parsons Channel from Port Kells in Surrey to Barnston Island.

It can undoubtedly be great fun for international students 

Final Words

So, for world-class education, excellent accommodation, job opportunities, and so much fun, students should choose Surrey for their higher education. It is unquestionably one of the ideal cities for students to stay and study.

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