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London is a city that is popular for being very expensive but this city offers an amazing experience to the students. The Worldwide Cost of Living Index by the Economist Intelligence Unit has ranked London as the 17th most expensive place to live in the world. Despite this, when you visit London as a student, you can enjoy many advantages. It is no wonder that the area is a buzzing hub for both domestic and international students for student accommodation London. Whether you thrive from the excellent university facilities offered or you prefer uncovering the fascinating culture of The Big Smoke, you can enjoy a life you always wanted to have. So, here are some guidelines to help you save money: 


If you are not already aware, accommodation is something that eats up a major part of your budget. So, if there is something which you need to cut down on, it is your accommodation expenses. There is a wide range of ways in which you can do this. You could select a student accommodation London which is shared with other students. This is the best way to cut costs or find a place that is not too luxurious. If you are choosing private student halls in London, then you will want to make sure that it is closer to your university to help you save up on commute.

Take advantage of discounts and credits

If you are going to school in London, you can take benefit of some discounts, which can save you serious cash. For an instance, instead of adopting the expenses of having a car, you can choose a student-discounted Oyster Card so that you can travel without any inconvenience. Rent is already a little bit cheaper for a student too as the students do not have to pay council tax. You can also get the advantage of a discretionary housing payment option to help you pay your rent in full and on time.

Swap out high-end supermarkets

Everyone loves dining at M&S and Waitrose, but when it comes to looking at the bank account after a trip here, sometimes it is just not feasible. You can switch out of these high-end supermarkets and also focus on shopping at Aldi and Lidl to save money. You can enhance your food budget. Here you can save a lot of money without compromising on quality. You can go to both places, compare the two products and you might surprise yourself. There is a stigma that cheap food is ultimately unhealthy and that is not the case. Food costs do not have to be expensive to be nutritious. All you need is something that fills you up. You can invest in a student cookbook and purchase ingredients accordingly.

Get a job

Get a Job

The top way to afford the life you want is to find a job. Getting a part-time job will help you in two ways, earning money as well as adding to your career. If you have a busy schedule across the week, you can try working on the weekends. It helps you keep busy, and make friends outside of your peer groups in London. Sometimes, a part-time job can also help you easily network, helping you further your career if you work in a field that is related to your career. 

Finalize your neighborhood prudently

We all know that the appeal of living in central London is quite tempting, but it can prove more affordable to go to a neighborhood outside of the city center, especially if you are just looking for a place to sleep and eat while you get out and discover. You can try to find a home that offers benefits that you can monetize too such as parking with security features, a spare room, or a dry and spacious garage. These kinds of features are sought after by all the renters looking to secure long and short-term parking or storage. If you want to upgrade your housing situation, you will likely have space to spare that you can rent out to supplement your income. 

Stick to free tourist attractions

London is teeming with things to do for students, especially in Central London. There are activities and hidden gems, which are dotted on every corner. You just need to find the best attractions. If this is your first time living in London or even visiting, then you are going to want to delve straight into the culture and immerse yourself in the expertise. Ultimately, you can get to do university once in your life and you deserve to make the most of it. You do not stop doing what you require because of the low budgets. Sticking to such attractions will help balance this issue and you will be shocked at how many different things you can get involved with.

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