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London is the hub of native and international students in the UK. It is the capital city of England and the UK and is considered the financial capital of the world. Moreover, it is one of the top global cities in the world. All these aspects as well as the quality education in the universities in London attract students from various parts of the world to this city, who look for student accommodation London.

When international students get admission to universities in London, their first need remains accommodation. London has a huge experience of hosting international students due to which it does not lack accommodations for them. There are a number of student properties available in London where a residence can be booked.

Here, you will read some significant information about international student accommodation London.

Types of Student Accommodations in London

There are different types of student accommodations available in London in the present scenario. Here are the prominent ones.

Student Studios

Studios are the types of accommodations that are specially meant for students. Studios are the type of flats where students find an all-in-one big space. In this space, they find a bed, living area, study area, and an open kitchen area. There are also the attached bathrooms in student studios.

A number of student studios are available in London with single occupancy, which means that one person can stay in one studio. Besides, some studios may have double occupancy to accommodate two individuals; however, most studios in London only accommodate one person.

Ensuite Rooms

These are the types of rooms, which are perfect for students who love privacy. These rooms are occupied by one person only and they come attached with an ensuite bathroom. These ensuite rooms are usually located in a flat where they find a common kitchen and living room for all the residents.

Shared Rooms

If you want to live with one or more companions then shared rooms are the best options for you in London. These rooms are meant for two or more occupants. All the units in these rooms such as kitchens, living rooms, and bathrooms are shared by all the residents.


Apartments are houses, which are usually shared by multiple residents; however, students may find their private bedrooms. An apartment may have one or more bedrooms. And, depending on the apartment, one bedroom accommodates one or two residents. Bathrooms can either be shared or ensuite in the bedrooms. Living rooms and kitchens are shared by all the residents.

Student Accommodation London

Private Rental Apartments

The apartments mentioned above are found in purpose-built student accommodation complexes. But, private rental apartments are available separately, which students can acquire if they want full freedom. The apartments in student complexes may have some rules for students but in the private apartments, they can make their own rules. In these apartments also, multiple bedrooms can be occupied by multiple students and in such cases, residents get shared kitchens and living rooms. Here also, bathrooms can either be ensuite or shared.

University Halls

University halls are very much like purpose-built student accommodations with the difference that the university halls are located in or managed by universities in the UK. In these halls also, students find the units like studios, apartments, ensuite rooms, and shared rooms.

These halls are the perfect options for students who like to live inside their university campuses or are willing to stay in a group with their college mates or university mates.

Facilities Available with Student Accommodations

Gone are the days when accommodations were only the places to stay. In the present scenario, you also get a number of facilities there for your studies, enjoyment, workouts, cooking, etc. Purpose-built accommodation properties and university halls offer most facilities to students. However, you can find some facilities in private rental apartments also.

For studies, students can get study rooms and study tables & chairs. There are gyms available for the advanced workout of students. For the enjoyment of students, there are game rooms, cinemas, and televisions. Cooktops, microwaves, etc. can be found for cooking. There are refrigerators, laundry rooms, and a lot of other facilities inside student accommodation properties in London.

How to Find Student Accommodation in London

It is very easy to find student accommodation in London nowadays due to the availability of some online platforms. Online student accommodation service platforms are the best option in this regard. On the websites of these platforms, you can see the lists of different properties in a number of cities including London. You can check their details and can also compare them through the special comparison feature available.


After selecting suitable student housing in London through the student accommodation service platform website, you can book it directly.


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