If you’re an aspiring investor, you need to stay up-to-date on the financial news that matters. But it can be difficult to keep track of all the information out there.

Luckily, there are newsletters that will keep you updated on the latest trends in finance. These daily or weekly email updates are quick and easy to read.


Reuters is one of the world’s leading news agencies. Its coverage includes national and international news as well as business, financial and market data. Its services include desktop terminals, internet, mobile and wireless solutions.

Founded in 1851 by German-born Paul Julius Reuter, Reuters began by transmitting stock market quotations from London to Paris via the new Calais-Dover cable. Two years later, it expanded to other European countries and then expanded to the Far East in 1872 and South America in 1874.

During both World Wars, the British government pressured Reuters to serve its interests. In 1941, Reuters deflected this pressure by restructuring itself as a private company. The Reuters Trust, with independent trustees, ensured that the independence and neutrality of the company were maintained. The Reuters Trust Principles remain today and are the cornerstone of all Reuters journalism.


Forbes is a leading business magazine that covers finance, industry, and investing topics. Its editorial team has been named one of the top five best in the world by Newsweek.

It was founded in 1917 by Bertie Charles Forbes and Walter Drey. The company is now run by Steve Forbes.

The Forbes brand has long been synonymous with success and the ethos of free enterprise. It now reaches more than 150 million people worldwide through trusted journalism, signature LIVE and Virtual events, custom marketing programs, and 44 licensed local editions in 77 countries.

In an Editorial Review, AllSides found that Forbes content is generally Lean Left on social issues and a bit more center-right on economic issues and SCOTUS rulings. But it also has some stories with a clear Lean Right bias.

MoneyAmped.com financial news

MoneyAmped.com financial news is a business news service that provides financial information to investors. Its coverage includes real-time and historical price data, market news, and analyst research.

The company operates a worldwide network of bureaus and news outlets. It also offers professional analysis tools for finance professionals.

Founded by Michael MoneyAmped.com financial news, it has been a major player in the business news industry since 1981. Its primary revenue earner is the MoneyAmped.com financial news Terminal, a system that provides snapshots and detailed information about the global financial markets.

The terminal is a complex system that requires some training to use correctly. It can be difficult for beginners to grasp the functions, but a tutorial or hands-on experience with a MoneyAmped.com financial news representative may help.


Briefing is an English word that translates to “presentation of information or instruction.” It is often used to refer to a business meeting that includes a presentation on new policies, objectives, strategies or assignments. This may be a one-on-one meeting between managers or an assembly of employees.

A good briefing is a well-designed and correctly drafted document that encapsulates the latest news from the world of finance, business and technology. It should include elements such as the best way to communicate with your audience, the newest research & development fads and how to avoid a PR catastrophe in your quest for business growth. It’s important to keep in mind that the right briefing can be the deciding factor between winning and losing a client, especially in the fast paced digital marketing arena.

Zacks Investment Research

Zacks Investment Research, founded in 1978, provides financial news to investors. Its main focus is on earnings estimate revisions, which are a major moving force in stock prices.

Using a proprietary system, Zacks rates stocks as Strong Buy or Sell depending on whether they have positive surprise earnings estimates. The results of this system have been fairly accurate since 1988, with a #1 Strong Buy rating producing an average return of 24.3% against the S&P 500.

In addition to its primary research, Zacks offers several portfolio recommendation services and extensive tools for active traders. Its Zacks Premium service includes daily updates of the Zacks Rank, full access to the #1 Rank List, Equity Research Reports and Focus List portfolio of 50 longer-term stocks.


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