China Adhesive Manufacturers is an annual trade exhibition dedicated to adhesives, sealants, PSA tape and film. Organizers aim to establish an exchange and trade platform by displaying innovative applications of high-performance bonding materials while displaying new technologies, ideas and trends within the industry.

Franklin International offers glues designed specifically for wood furniture, millwork and construction applications as well as foam conversion, upholstery and graphics applications. In addition, its product lineup includes Olefin and EVA hot melt adhesives as well as pressure sensitive glues.

Focus on Research & Development

China’s fast economic development has created an increasing need for adhesive products across various industries, which manufacturers have responded to by investing heavily in research and development as well as eco-friendly practices to remain competitive on the global market.

Raw material costs play an integral part in the cost structure of engineering adhesives produced in China, including plastic resins, industrial inorganic chemicals and refined petroleum products. Therefore, fluctuations in these prices directly correlate to those seen when producing adhesives from Chinese companies.

Henkel is using its global supply chain and innovation capabilities to support clients across Asia. Additionally, Henkel has joined forces with Richland Capital, an investment firm focused on emerging technology in China as a limited partner, to gain greater access to local start-up scenes and identify growth opportunities. Finally, they’ve also set up their new Innovation Center in Shanghai which helps accelerate product and service portfolios even further.

Low Cost of Production

China’s adhesive manufacturers attribute much of their success to their low production costs, which allow them to provide customers with quality products at highly competitive prices while offering personalized services and solutions tailored specifically for each client.

Henkel’s solvent based pressure sensitive adhesives are trusted by the tape, label, and graphics industries to form secure bonds over an array of substrate materials. Highly durable and weather resistant products from Henkel offer solutions suitable for harsh environmental conditions.

Henkel’s new EV battery system adhesives are injectable and thermally conductive to support zero emission mobility and speed up transition to electric cars. Their innovative products like Loctite TLB 9300 APSi help OEMs and battery manufacturers improve structural bonding and thermal conductivity for zero emission mobility.

Global Presence

China’s adhesive manufacturers enjoy a significant presence on the global market due to their extensive distribution network and strong manufacturing abilities. Their offerings span packaging, construction and industrial adhesives.

As more millennials choose convenient, small packaged foods, this trend opens up new opportunities for flexible packaging solutions and production lines are being expanded or new varieties introduced into the market. Therefore, major adhesive producers are expanding production lines or offering different varieties that meet this rising demand for adhesives.

Additionally, hot melt adhesive demand has seen rapid expansion due to construction activities and investments in infrastructure space. Recent design and building trends emphasize local communities, younger people and culturally significant projects as design criteria, leading to greater adhesive requirements among these groups and driving up market demand for acrylic adhesives – thus spurring Chinese industry expansion.

International Certifications

KINGDELI’s production line employs the international automated production mode, making its products highly efficient while assuring high standards of quality. Furthermore, there is strict spot check on product appearance and sag to guarantee compliance with international standards.

KINGDELI is a manufacturer of top-quality industrial glues and sealants used in various industries including construction, electronics, automobiles, transportation and aerospace. Committed to providing customers with high-quality yet eco-friendly adhesives at reasonable prices, KINGDELI stands behind every product produced to deliver an unmatched level of customer service and superior products at reasonable costs.

Fedrigoni Self Adhesives, formerly Acucote brand, recently announced that their Graham, North Carolina facility has earned ISO 9001 certification. This achievement helps ensure customers enjoy consistent quality experiences no matter which facility they buy from and demonstrates Fedrigoni’s dedication to customer satisfaction – it encourages all facilities to pursue ISO certification so that all customer needs can be met and further developed upon.

Eco-Friendly Adhesives

As environmental awareness rises, China adhesive manufacturers are turning “green”. By creating eco-friendly products and helping reduce carbon emissions, many China adhesive manufacturers are taking an ecologically conscious approach.

Xiamen Cheshire New Material Co., Ltd is a producer of pressure sensitive adhesives serving clients across various industries worldwide. Products include acrylic, polyurethane, silicone and epoxy glues as well as specialty polymers used for fiberglass fabrication, filter fabrication and nonwovens production.

Henkel operates globally in the fields of laundry and home care products, cosmetics and toiletries as well as adhesives and sealants. Their adhesives can be found in automotive, metalworking, woodworking and paper conversion applications with their products sold under the Loctite brand name.

Franklin International offers an extensive range of industrial and consumer woodworking adhesives, such as hot-melt, water-based, acrylic and phenolic glues. Franklin’s adhesives come in different formulas to meet specific requirements such as high temperature or reduced formaldehyde emissions.



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